Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

On this page, you will find the most frequently asked questions about VACANDO and the corresponding answers. We hope to provide you with the best possible assistance and support in planning and preparing for your vacation.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us directly.

What is VACANDO and why should I book through VACANDO?

VACANDO is an online platform that brings together vacation rentals from renowned travel providers, smaller tourism partners, and private hosts on the internet and regularly expands its offerings. We provide our customers with a current and comprehensive selection of vacation homes, apartments, chalets, villas, and many other extraordinary properties that can be easily filtered using our convenient search function, allowing you to check availability directly. You can book vacation rentals securely and without hidden costs directly through the VACANDO website, saving you time and ensuring the best price available online. Plus, our experienced customer service team is always available to assist you with any questions before and after booking, free of charge.

It's important to know that VACANDO does not offer its own properties. We list vacation rentals from professional holiday home companies and hosts. The contractual relationship is always established between the respective provider and the customer. Therefore, VACANDO's general terms and conditions apply, as well as the terms and conditions of the respective providers. VACANDO cannot influence these. For more information, please read the General Terms and Conditions (GTC).

How do I find a suitable vacation rental for my vacation on VACANDO?

Simply enter the desired destination in the search field. Arrival and departure dates and the number of people are optional. For optimal results, we always recommend searching with the desired dates and number of people.

On the search results page, you will find all rentals that meet your criteria. At the top of the page, you can select the desired price range and further narrow down your search results using the filter button - for example, air conditioning, distance to the sea, etc.

We wish you a great time finding the perfect accommodation for your holidays.

How can I see if a vacation rental is available for my planned travel period?

Once you have selected an arrival and departure date, we will only show you the rentals available for those dates. Unlike other platforms, you don't need to inquire with the host whether the vacation rental is actually available and if your booking will be accepted. You book just like you would book a hotel - simple, fast, and secure.

Each vacation rental has a description page where availabilities are displayed in a clear calendar format.

Where can I find more information about a vacation rental?

The providers of each vacation rental strive to provide you with comprehensive descriptions of the property and to illustrate them with photos. All available information is already fully displayed on the page.

For clarification of specific questions, our customer service is always happy to assist you.

How do I find the most affordable vacation rentals?

The easiest way is to select the desired price range at the top of the screen. Simply move the price slider to the desired minimum and maximum price that best suits your budget.

We will then only show you properties in this price range.

Since we do not charge any service/booking fees, you are guaranteed to book the properties already at the lowest price compared to many well-known providers.

Are all listed vacation rentals directly bookable on the VACANDO website?

You can directly book about 350,000 mostly European vacation rentals on our website, where we act as an online travel agency. We compile all other vacation rentals for you in a clear overview and direct you to the respective provider's website, where you can then make your booking. This can be an individual host, but also and many other partners.

How do I book a vacation rental?

At VACANDO, you can directly book approximately 350,000 vacation homes and apartments online.

The booking process on VACANDO is very simple and consists of the following quick steps:

  1. Once you have found a suitable property, you can check availability on the description page using the calendar. If a rental price is displayed, you can click on the "Book Now" button below the calendar and proceed to the next booking step.
  2. For a binding booking, we require your personal information and desired payment method in step 2. Please note that depending on the provider, payment can be made either by credit card or additionally by invoice/bank transfer. For last-minute bookings, payment can only be made by credit card.
  3. Please confirm the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of VACANDO and the accommodation provider. By clicking on "Finalize Booking" your desired vacation will be booked bindingly.
  4. You will then receive a booking confirmation immediately.

If you have any questions, you can reach the VACANDO team by phone or email.

How secure is my personal information?

All personal data you enter during the booking process on VACANDO is securely transmitted using SSL encryption and is unreadable to unauthorized third parties. VACANDO treats all information as strictly confidential and ensures that personal data is not passed on to unrelated third parties. For this purpose, VACANDO has a dedicated data protection officer.

Can young people also book a vacation rental?

Yes, however, youth groups must inquire with the host BEFORE making a booking. Please contact us in this regard before making a booking. A youth group is defined as a group of young people under the age of 21 without adults (over 21 years old) or adult companions. The person registering for the trip must be at least 25 years old. In general, an increased security deposit must be provided upon arrival.

Have I actually booked the vacation rental?

After booking, you will see a confirmation window with the transaction number and receive an acknowledgment of receipt by email. Within 24 hours, you will receive a reservation confirmation by email. The booking confirmation from the provider will be sent to you within three business days by mail or email. If you have not received a booking confirmation, please contact our free customer service.

How do I pay the rental price?

After booking, depending on the provider, a deposit between 10% - 30% is due. The remaining payment is to be made about four weeks before the start of the trip. If you are arriving within four weeks, the full rental price must be paid immediately.

Please note that many vacation rentals can only be paid by credit card or direct debit. The payment methods can be found on the respective booking page. If you have any questions, we are always happy to help.

Can I also book by the day (e.g., for four or ten days)?

Most vacation rentals can only be booked by the week from Saturday to Saturday during the holiday season. In the Benelux countries (Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg), accommodation providers have also established booking periods from Friday to Friday or Sunday to Sunday. If arrival or departure is only possible on another day, it is possible to send a binding request to the host.

For the low season or for short-term arrivals, individual booking periods are often possible. If the price calculator on the description page of the vacation rental shows a price for the requested period, this travel time can also be booked directly online. Otherwise, for deviating travel dates there can be send a binding request to the accommodation provider.

Are there early bird prices and special offers?

Many vacation rental providers offer early bird or last-minute discounts. All special prices are passed on directly to you and are already included in the displayed rental price. With VACANDO, you book vacation rentals at the guaranteed best price (Best Price Guarantee).

Are there booking fees?

When booking through VACANDO, there are no booking or processing fees for you. In any case, you pay the original price of the provider, including our customer service.

How can I cancel a booking?

A cancellation must be submitted in writing in any case, stating the booking number, and requires written confirmation from VACANDO or the respective rental provider. After a cancellation, you will receive a corresponding cancellation invoice directly from the rental provider. You can then submit this invoice to your insurer if you have taken out travel cancellation insurance.

What does maximum occupancy mean?

The maximum occupancy indicates how many people the property can accommodate. In some properties, it is possible to provide extra beds or cribs. You can find this information on the description page of the respective property.

Are infants also counted as full persons?

Generally, children and babies are also counted as full persons when booking, unless otherwise stated in the property description. If you wish to travel with more people than allowed, it is possible to send a binding request to the host.

Is over-occupancy generally possible?

An property should not be occupied by more people than indicated in the description. However, in most cases, you can submit a binding request for over-occupancy to the host. Some hosts may charge an additional fee for over-occupancy, which would need to be paid directly at the location.

Where can I find the address of the vacation rental?

You will usually receive your travel documents containing the vacation rental address, all contact details, and directions after the full invoice amount is received, approximately four weeks prior to your arrival. This is a common practice in the vacation rental market.

However, if there is a specific need for clarification concerning the location and arrival, we can certainly address these questions for you with the hosts before booking.

What is the equipment of the holiday homes and apartments?

Holiday homes and apartments are individually furnished by the owners, and each property has its own unique charm. You can find details about the equipment of a property on its respective description page.

Unless otherwise mentioned in the property description, there is an equipped kitchen or kitchenette (refrigerator, sink, cooking utensils, and sufficient dishes) and a bathroom with hot and cold water.

Blankets and pillows are always provided for all beds. Unless otherwise stated in the property description, you will need to bring your own bed linen.

In many countries, technical equipment (e.g., dishwasher, washing machine, TV, CD player, air conditioning, etc.) is also part of a property's amenities. You can always find the exact features in the property description.

When and how do I receive my travel documents?

You will receive the complete travel documents, including a detailed arrival description, directly from the provider of the property you booked, usually after receiving the final payment about four weeks before your trip.

How do I get the keys to the holiday home?

Keys are usually handed over directly at the holiday property by the host or keyholder, or by depositing them in a key safe. In some cases, the keys must be picked up at a service office near the property. You will receive the address and phone number of the keyholder with your travel documents.

When do I need to arrive and depart?

Normally, arrival is possible on the arrival day from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. If you are arriving later, please inform the keyholder. The phone number is included in the travel documents. Please note that even if you arrive early, the holiday home or apartment cannot be occupied before 4 p.m. The property must be vacated by 10 a.m. on the departure day in a cleaned condition - the key must be returned immediately.

Exact arrival and departure times are provided in the travel documents. Deviations are possible but must be confirmed by the host in advance.

When and to whom do I pay the deposit?

To secure any potential damages, a deposit is usually required to be paid in cash directly to the host upon arrival and key handover. For a few holiday homes, the deposit is requested before arrival with the rental payment. This will be noted in the property description. The deposit will be refunded either directly at departure or by bank transfer within two weeks after departure. For some accommodations in Denmark, the refund process may take up to 3 weeks. If variable additional costs, such as electricity or heating, are to be paid separately, the incurred costs are usually offset against the deposit..

Are bed linen, towels, and tea towels provided?

Bed linen, towels, and tea towels are generally not provided unless stated otherwise in the property description. Often, there is the option to rent bed linen and towels from the person in charge of the property on site. The costs can be found in the property description.

Toilet paper, dishwashing detergent, and cleaning supplies usually need to be brought as well.

How much are the additional costs?

Often, additional costs are already included in the rental price. For many vacation rentals consumption-dependent additional costs are also to be paid separately. Please refer to the property description for detailed information.

If nothing is mentioned in the property description about additional costs on-site (water/sewage, electricity, gas, heating, tourist tax, pet fees, etc.), these are to be paid separately. If additional costs are calculated per person, children and babies count as full persons.

The providers of the vacation rentals generally do not provide comparative values for energy and water costs, as these costs are billed based on consumption and depend on the individual needs and habits of the vacationers.

Who is responsible for the final cleaning?

Final cleaning can usually be ordered or, if stated in the house description, is included in the rental price. Information on the cost of the final cleaning can be found in the respective property description. However, the final cleaning does not replace the basic cleaning, so the property must be left clean and tidy in any case. Basic cleaning includes cleaning the kitchenette, washing and putting away dishes, disposing of remaining food and all waste, stripping beds, and sweeping all rooms so that the rental property can be handed over in a broom-clean condition.

Who do I report defects to?

If you notice any significant defects in the holiday home or apartment during your stay, please report them immediately to the responsible person on site or the vacation rental provider. The provider must always be given the opportunity to rectify the issue; otherwise, you will not be entitled to compensation.

Can pets be brought along?

In many holiday homes and apartments pets are allowed. Some hosts may charge a fee for your pet. Please refer to the property description for this information. The pet must be registered at the time of booking.

A second (or third) pet must be requested and approved in most cases. Some hosts charge a fee for additional pets brought along, which must be paid directly on site. Please contact our customer service if you would like to bring more than one pet.

In Scandinavian countries, there are also particularly pet-friendly houses with fenced-in properties. Please ask our customer service.

Due to a regulation, dogs, cats, and ferrets being transported across borders within the European Union must generally carry a so-called pet passport. The animal must be identifiable by a microchip, and the identification number must be entered in the passport.

In addition to information about the animal and its owner, the pet passport must contain the veterinarian's confirmation that the animal has valid rabies vaccination protection.

For animals vaccinated in Germany, the minimum age for initial vaccination according to the Rabies Ordinance must be 3 months. For travel, the initial vaccination must be at least 30 days old, and the booster vaccination must be carried out within a maximum of 12 months. For animals vaccinated in other EU countries, a vaccination is considered valid after 21 days.

Can special requests be considered?

Customer requests will be forwarded to the vacation rental provider. However, we cannot guarantee that the provider will fulfill these special requests..

How far in advance can I book?

A booking can often only be made for the current season or year. If an vacation rental is not yet available for a desired season, we can make a non-binding pre-reservation for you. Please contact our customer service.

Is a travel cancellation insurance offered?

Where possible, travel cancellation insurance is displayed directly on the booking page for the vacation rental and can be added to your booking.

What are the heating options in the vacation rental property?

In vacation homes and apartments in summer travel areas, especially in the south, heating is not always available. Central heating is rather rare. Where necessary, individual gas, electric, kerosene, or wood/coal stoves are used for heating (see property description).

For the offered vacation rental in winter sports areas, central heating is standard and therefore often not mentioned. Property descriptions only contain a hint for special features, e.g., electric heating (due to possibly high costs via a separate electricity bill), underfloor heating, or simple stove heating and other basic and non-central heating options.

Which TV channels can I receive in the vacation property

"TV" in the property description refers to a color television set. If reception via satellite or cable is possible, this is additionally noted in the property description (satellite TV or cable TV).

When are swimming pools usable?

Property descriptions indicate whether a holiday home or holiday complex has a swimming pool - usually with a note on the seasonal opening period. Please note that the dates mentioned in the text for the start and end of the season may change due to weather conditions.

For pools in holiday complexes, please pay attention to the opening hours and any specially formulated pool rules provided by the administration. These may include regulations and prohibitions, such as wearing swim shorts in the pools, bringing balls, air mattresses, and the like, or the obligation to wear swim caps (often in Italy).

Pools in France must be secured according to a newer legal regulation by fencing, covering, or an alarm system, which in most cases has already been implemented. The property photos may not yet show the current status.

What should I consider when entering EU or non-EU countries with children?

Since June 2012, every child from birth is required to carry their own child passport or identity card when traveling abroad - both in European and non-European countries.